Course Description

Learn how to build a marketing strategy and apply it in the digital world. Using a mix of interactive discussions and breakout exercises, you’ll explore all the tools available at your fingertips to bring your marketing strategy to life such as social media, SEO, content marketing, user experience, customer loyalty, automation, personalization, messaging and email, online and offline integration and data analytics.

Elisha Davidson

With over 7 years of training, development & work experience, Elisha Davidson is a highly skilled public relations and marketing specialist residing in Ottawa, ON. She has acquired a diverse range of industry skills through partnering with clientel ranging from local small/medium business to large-scale national companies in multiple industries. Davidson is currently working as Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival. She has focused on cutting edge content creation within our new on-line realities. Elisha has helped spear the marketing strategies for some never before attempted concerts in these unique times.