Course Description

What’s a customer worth to you? As artists, each of us have a group of fans or followers that have been with us since day 1. This course will teach you how to turn your loyal customers into a community of believers. They are more than just a number and, even if you play your cards right, they can be your biggest ambassadors; helping you get more customers and generate more sales. Let’s work together and harness your community to the fullest!

Kareem Aly

An entrepreneur for the past 10 years. Kareem is passionate about one thing: bringing people together. Founder of the Latin Sparks Festival and Tryps (an adventure travel agency), Kareem carries his passion through his work. Whether it’s building a community of 10,000 Latin dance lovers or an international network friends who love travel, Kareem believes strongly in the power community can have in growing a business.